Frequently Asked Questions

After I purchase and pay, when can I receive my purchased product(s)?

The estimated delivery time frame depends on the location of the recipient’s address:
West Malaysia: approximately 3 to 5 days after date of purchase.
East Malaysia: approximately 5 to 10 days after date of purchase.
Singapore: approximately 5 to 14 days after date of purchase.
NATURE CARE shall use reasonable efforts to make prompt deliveries in a commercially reasonable manner. Delivery dates and estimates are, however, not guaranteed. NATURE CARE disclaims any liability or responsibility, and Member/Customer/Merchant/Dealer/Buyer shall hold NATURE CARE harmless, for the late or non-delivery of Product. Member/Customer/Merchant/Dealer/Buyer has no right to delay or defer delivery or acceptance.

How can I apply for refund of item(s)?

Please refer to our Return and Refund Policy at [].

International Shipments and Customs

All international orders may be subject to customs and duty fees as defined by the country of import. Customs and duty fees are not included in your NATURE CARE order and/or shipping total at checkout. NATURE CARE is not responsible for fees associated with imports. All fees must be paid by the parcel recipient.

Can I change delivery address?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to orders that are already being processed. If you made a mistake with your address, you may reach out to the carrier to see if your package's destination can be changed. NATURE CARE shall be responsible for any and all communication between you and the carrier.

Can I cancel an order that has been shipped or delivered?

No. Unfortunately, order(s) that has/have been shipped and/or in the process of shipping and/or delivered strictly cannot be cancelled.

Can I modify an order that has been shipped or delivered?

Orders submitted on our website process and ship very quickly, and we shall not be able to change your order details. Please ensure all shipping and contact info are correct before submitting your order. Once your order has been finalized, we will not be able to modify it.

Can you tell us more about NATURE CARE?

NATURE CARE was founded in Malaysia in 2019. A Malaysian skin care brand that adopts the Korean formulation and focuses specifically on sensitive skin. After operating an aesthetic beauty centre for the past 19 years and successfully treating the sensitive skin of 500,000 clients, it was transformed into a skin care brand.

It was founded by Mr Nicholas Ng, Marketing Strategist & Ms Corina Yeoh, Professional Beautician. They tested the formulation and found it to be effective in reducing skin sensitivity such as redness, redspots, and others. The number of people with sensitive skin has been steadily rising, with 50% of men and 70% of women experiencing problems.

In October of 2019, NATURE CARE released its first signature product, 360 Miracle Essence. It was formulated with Apple Stem Cells and Rice Extract, which are capable of regenerating skin cells. Surprisingly, our first 1,000 bottles were sold out within 48 hours, and we maintain an average of 10,000 monthly customers.

In 2022, the company will release the complete skin care essential kit series named 360 series. By the end of 2025, NATURE CARE will begin expanding its market to 15 physical stores.

What is NATURE CARE ’s Mission?

To inspire and empower woman & man pursue their dreams, breakthrough difficulties to change their destiny & lifestyle.

What is NATURE CARE ’s Vision?

To be the leading skin care brand in Asia.

What are NATURE CARE ’s adopted Values?

Young, Lively, Passion, Quality.

I still have doubts!

Our sincere apology that our FAQ page does not cover your doubt(s). We are happy to assist you the best we can, kindly drop your questions/queries via email at